Enter the Innovation Contest

Do you have a creative solution to a problem? Do you have a hack that improves efficiency? Enter the the 2016 Maker Faire Youth Innovation Contest Flyer! We are looking for solutions or re-engineered products that solve some problem you’ve had.

Sign up is simple…If you are 18 years or younger, email Scott Fitzgerald, Scott@Siliconcouloir.com, and tell us

  1. What was the problem you were facing and how you solved it.
  2. Description of your solution and prototype.  Picture, video, write up, etc.
  3. Description of how people at the Maker Faire will interact with your prototype.

Thats it.  Then you can bring your entry to the Maker Faire and show it off!

2 Prizes will be Awarded

  1. People Choice Award:  All Maker Faire participants will have a change to vote for your entry.
  2. Best Social Innovation Prize:  Entries that tackle a social issue plaguing our community will be eligible for this prize.

Application Deadline May 16, 2016 by 5pm.

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